Mykolayiv's Oblast’ Clinical Hospital for Veterans

Our History

The day Mykolayivska Oblast’ got a special hospital aimed at aiding and rehabilitating the veterans (of the Soviet Red Army veterans who got the status of commissioned and persons with disabilities as a result of WWII) was November 14th, 1945. It was created due to the decree #45 of People’s Commissar of the Ukrainian SSR issued on 10/09/1945 and an order of Mykolayivska Oblast Department of Ministry of Health Care #228 from 11/01/1945. It was all about a simple requalification of the hospital.


Kuzmina Olena
Acting Head of the hospital
Mykhalchenko Lilia
Deputy Head of the hospital
Karapetyants Karyna
Head of the clinic department
Serdyuk Alla
Chief nurse of the hospital